Magma HN Milenage

Source: https://www.etsi.org/deliver/etsi_ts/133100_133199/133102/11.05.01_60/ts_133102v110501p.pdfSection: 3.2 Generating 5G Authentication Vectors This code generates magma 5g authentication vectors such as RAND, XRES*, AUTN, and Kseaf key using different parameters. Code SS: Source: https://github.com/magma/magma/blob/6122b3a667ba8e0c29dda827261904c1efc963ed/lte/gateway/python/magma/subscriberdb/crypto/milenage.py#L56 Generating SQN SQN is derived by adding some SEQ(Sequence Number) and IND(Index) Values. Source: https://www.etsi.org/deliver/etsi_ts/133100_133199/133102/11.05.01_60/ts_133102v110501p.pdfSection: C.1.1.1, C.1.1.2, C.1.2, C.3.2 Code SS: Source: https://github.com/magma/magma/blob/master/lte/gateway/python/magma/subscriberdb/processor.py#L323 Generating RAND Code …

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AKA Procedure

If the UE(User Equipment) is previously registered with the network, it will have a temporary identifier, 5G-GUTI(5G- Global Unique Temporary Identifier) stored in it. The UE will use this identifier for the Identification procedure. The 5G-GUTI is sent to the SEAF(Security Anchor Function) in the logical N1 interface where SUPI(Subscription Permanent Identifier) is derived from …

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OAI, Free5gc, open5gs, MAgma 5G Core STANDARDS FOR AMF

The table shows different Technical Specifications used in OAI, OPEN5GS, FREE5GC, and MAGMA for the 5G Core AMF Function. Basis OAI 5G Core AMF FREE5GC 5G Core AMF OPEN5GS 5G Core AMF Magma 5G Core Accessd Language  C++ Golang  C C++ Registration Management ETSI TS 123 501 V16.6.0  – 5.3.23GPP TS 23.501 5.3.2 3GPP TS 23.501 …

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