Magma HN Milenage

Source: https://www.etsi.org/deliver/etsi_ts/133100_133199/133102/11.05.01_60/ts_133102v110501p.pdfSection: 3.2 Generating 5G Authentication Vectors This code generates magma 5g authentication vectors such as RAND, XRES*, AUTN, and Kseaf key using different parameters. Code SS: Source: https://github.com/magma/magma/blob/6122b3a667ba8e0c29dda827261904c1efc963ed/lte/gateway/python/magma/subscriberdb/crypto/milenage.py#L56 Generating SQN SQN is derived by adding some SEQ(Sequence Number) and IND(Index) Values. Source: https://www.etsi.org/deliver/etsi_ts/133100_133199/133102/11.05.01_60/ts_133102v110501p.pdfSection: C.1.1.1, C.1.1.2, C.1.2, C.3.2 Code SS: Source: https://github.com/magma/magma/blob/master/lte/gateway/python/magma/subscriberdb/processor.py#L323 Generating RAND Code …

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AKA Procedure

If the UE(User Equipment) is previously registered with the network, it will have a temporary identifier, 5G-GUTI(5G- Global Unique Temporary Identifier) stored in it. The UE will use this identifier for the Identification procedure. The 5G-GUTI is sent to the SEAF(Security Anchor Function) in the logical N1 interface where SUPI(Subscription Permanent Identifier) is derived from …

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