When a device wants to access the services of the 5G system. It has to register itself with the network. When it is no longer wants to access the services, it has to deregistered from the 5G network. This is known as the deregistration procedure.

The network can also initiate the deregistration procedure when it wants to kick out the device from the 5G network. Let us look at the registration procedure when the device is being turned off and it would like to deregister from the network.

Deregistration-Procedure Call Flows

In the first step, the device tries to forward the deregistration request to the AMF by the RAN and after receiving the deregistration request, the AMF has to tear down any session related context. So first it contacts the SMF to release any UE related context associated with the ongoing PDU session.

So the SMF receives the request and asks the UPF to release any user-plane resources associated with this PDU session. The SMF forward the confirmation back to the AMF, saying that the user plane resources are now released which means UE-context is also released.

Now based on this, the SMF also notifies the PCF that it no longer required any policy associations that are associated with this PDU session. And it also unsubscribes from the UDM that no longer needs any update that it was previously requested from UDM.

And the SMF also deregistered from the UDM saying that, this PDU session is no longer valid. The SMF notifies the PCF that the policy association related to the access management are no longer necessary. Then the AMF notifies the PCF that any policies related to device-specific management are also no longer needed.

Once the PDU session is turned down and all the policies have been disconnected. Then the AMF confirms to the device that deregistration is accepted. Now the AMF also notifies to release the radio access network connection information so that any wireless device context stored in the gNodeB can also be released.

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